business news in context, analysis with attitude reports that “an open data standard for food has emerged on the web. With such a tool, restaurants, food apps, grocery stores, the government and other interested parties can tell that arugula is also called rocket salad, no matter where on the web it occurs or what a restaurant menu or recipe app calls it. Right now, that’s an impossible task, which leads to inefficiencies in both consumer-facing apps and the supply chains of restaurants and grocery stores.”

According to the story, “a group of folks concerned about sustainable foods have built the seeds of an open food database hosted on Heroku.” The group consists of “a restaurateur, someone from an urban gardening movement, someone from Code for America and someone who rates sustainable restaurants.”

It is just the beginning of the process: “So far, they have created a database of 1,000 foods and hope to have 7,000 that folks can access.”
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