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Business Insider writes that retailers see the iPad as having one major attraction - it is portable enough to bring to bed, which is why one study points to the 10 pm hour as being one in which a lot of shopping gets done before people turn out the lights and get under the covers.

As the story says, “Consumers who might not gladly sit with a hot, clunky laptop may be converted into casual evening shoppers by the iPad. Those minutes of nighttime browsing could mean billions in revenue for e-tailers, given the whopping $400 billion monthly retail sector in the US. The time you might've spent reading a magazine could be replaced by a quick flip through the mag's beautiful new HTML 5 website, and an impulse-purchase of a new bracelet from an interactive ad. Or you might take a peek at new Facebook photos and then take advantage of a targeted, branded coupon.”
KC's View:
Sad to say, there have been more than a few times that I’ve been discovered curled up with my iPad.