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Pity the poor Swiss.

The Associated Press reports that “Switzerland counted ballots Sunday for five national referendums, including one pushed by a union to raise the minimum holiday up from four weeks, which is the standard used in Germany, Italy, Russia and other European nations.”

And go figure: “The Swiss heeded warnings from government and business that more vacation would raise labor costs and put the economy at risk.”

In other words, the AP writes, “known for their work ethic, Swiss citizens appear to be leading the way on European austerity.”
KC's View:
The Swiss are nothing if not practical. The AP notes that one of the other referendums - the one designed “to move prostitutes out of residential areas by building an area for them to work in with parking and garages” - also passed, though by a narrower margin. (Prostitution is legal in Switzerland, and Zurich has what the story refers to as a “flourishing red light district.”)

No word, however, on how the prostitute demographic voted on the vacation referendum. And to be honest, that’s the one piece of information that I really wanted to know...