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Hi, I’m Kevin Coupe and this is FaceTime with The Content Guy.

I’ve had a number of really positive experiences with customer service representatives over the past week, and I thought since we all spend a lot of time complaining about the bad moments, it is worth sharing the good ones.

For some reason, the water reservoir in my two-month old Calphalon coffee maker has started to leak. I went to the place where I’d bought it, but they couldn’t really help me with the problem. So I called Calphalon...and while I’d never registered my purchase, the woman on the phone instantly understood the problem and said she’d mail me a new one that I’d have in a day or two.

I was amazed.

Then, I went down to my local deli the other day, and noticed a promotion that I’d never seen before. The place is called Uncle’s Deli, and essentially they will pack both a breakfast egg sandwich and a lunch that includes a sandwich, fruit or chips for your kid and only charge $9.95. For parents on the go, that struck me as both convenient and downright cheap.

Finally, I have this Weber Grill that is about five or six years old, and for some reason the cast iron cooking shell has begun to break down. You can’t really use the grill anymore because the top is falling offI went to the place I’d bought it on the off chance that I’d have an extended warranty on it - I didn’t - and to scope out what it might cost to replace it.

The salesman suggested that before I did anything rash, I should just give Weber a call. Which I did. And while I’d never registered the grill when I bought it, she could tell a lot just from the serial number. So she registered it instantly, and asked if I could email her some pictures of the problem. Which I did instantly, using my iPhone. In less than 10 minutes the nice woman from Weber told me that she was shipping me a new one, free of charge...and since I’m useless at putting things together or fixing things, she even gave me the names and numbers of a number of places locally that could do it for me.

I was blown away.

In all of these cases, the company is giving me a reason to come back. Now, I’m not going to need another grill for a while, and probably not another coffee pot. But they showed great loyalty to me as a consumer...and while they probably could have sold me new stuff, they played the long game. Not only will I go back to them, but I’ll talk about them.

Which I just did.

That’s what is on my mind this Thursday morning. As always, I want to know what is on your mind.

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