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PC Magazine reports that “grocery shopping could be a totally different experience in the future, thanks to smarter shopping carts in development with built-in Xbox 360 Kinect technology.

“Whole Foods is testing out the prototype of a new shopping cart outfitted with the motion sensor from Microsoft’s Xbox 360 ... The motorized carts can identify a shopper with their loyalty card, follow the individual around the store without having to be pushed, and guide them to the items they want. The cart can also scan items as they are placed inside the cart, mark items off a shopping list and even check the shopper out.”

According to reports, the new shopping carts - called Smarter Carts - can even detect when a shopper has chosen the wrong item. For example, if a person is identified as a shopper interested in gluten-free items puts a product with gluten in the cart, the cart will point out the possible mistake and suggest a gluten-free alternative.
KC's View:
Great. Just what I need. A shopping cart that is not only smarter than me, but that also is going to talk back.


But seriously...this is yet another way that retailers may be able to make the case to shoppers that they are not just a source of product, but a resource for actionable and relevant information.