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The Wall Street Journal this morning has a piece about a White Castle in Lafayette, Indiana, where in addition to the usual menu of small, square burgers there also is “a thoughtfully balanced varietal selection, from a pétillant Moscato to a quite approachable Merlot.

According to the story, the move is seen as a way of being just a little bit more competitive in the marketplace ... though at this point it is just a test limited to one store. (And to be fair, there are a number of retailers in this space - including Burger King, Sonic, and Starbucks - that are testing alcohol sales in a limited number of units.)

“White Castle hasn't sold beer - also newly on sale in Lafayette - or wine up to now, but for those who missed the movie Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, it is famous as the place where fervid ‘cravers’ - drunk, stoned or just gluttonous - go to pig out,” the Journal writes.

In other words, while the idea of beer and wine at White Castle seems ironic, it also seems to be perfectly in synch with its image in the marketplace - “in sync with the zeitgeist,” as one restaurant expert puts it.
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