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The Tampa Bay Times reports that Wawa is going to Florida. And not just for the winter.

The paper says that the Philadelphia-based convenience store chain “has a half-dozen stores under construction around Orlando slated for a July 18 opening and a half-dozen more locations lined up in the bay area to open by this time next year.”

As the story notes, “for the uninitiated, Wawa combines its mega-filling stations with C-stores four times the size of a 7-Eleven. Staffed by 30 people, each Wawa features made-on-site deli hoagies, gourmet coffees, fresh-baked goods and groceries 24/7.

“While many 14- to 20-pump filling stations treat food-to-go as an afterthought, Wawa, which is leapfrogging into Florida after covering the mid-Atlantic with 600 locations, gives takeout and dashboard dining top priority.”
KC's View:
I love Wawa, mostly because it has consistently challenged the boundaries of what c-stores are supposed to represent. It makes up its own rules, and that is impressive.