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Advertising Age reports on how the warmer-than-usual winter has had an impact on a lot of companies’ sales, including those that sold outerwear, cold and flu remedies, snow shovels, hot cereal and portable heaters. Even The Weather Channel saw its ratings decline, as people were less concerned about blizzards and cold fronts affecting their lives and work.

“But there have been some warm-weather winners,” Ad Age writes. “Consumers haven't been stuck at home and have been more likely to frequent malls, movie theaters, bars and restaurants ... Outdoor activities from painting and gardening to hiking and running have also been popular, thanks to the unseasonable winter.”
KC's View:
I like the quote from Campbell Soup CEO Denise Morrison in this story...

"We're absolute advocates of global cooling," joked CEO Denise Morrison. "We acknowledge the fact that the weather was warmer. But we also sell a lot of soup in warm weather climates. So we've got to deal with that. And we are. I think where we're going, particularly with our soup business, is we want to increase usage of the product in some ‘positive need states,’ not necessarily the negative ones, like when people are sick or when they're cold. So we're not going to use weather as an excuse."

Especially at a time when climate change seems to be a fact of life - regardless of why it may be occurring - it strikes me as eminently sensible to focus on “positive need states.”