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Advertising Age reports on how, despite the fact that McDonald’s has been seeing steady sales and profits increases, the company continues to deal with brand perception issues that are not “keeping pace with sales. According to people close to the company, its internal tracking system finds that McDonald's consistently ranks near the bottom in quality perception when compared with rivals.

“The company is working to close the gap, these people said, by addressing issues related to perceptions about its food's quality, sourcing and nutritional value; sustainability practices, including suppliers' treatment of animals; service; and condition of stores.”

Heather Oldani, McDonald's director-U.S. communications, says that "there is an opportunity for us to answer some of the questions that customers may have, that influencers may have, about our menu, our commitments to the community and in the areas of sustainability -- things that frankly we haven't been as vocal about ... in the past.”
KC's View:
The message here is that brand perception is a lot more complicated than it used to be ... that it isn’t just about the product, but about all the context that permeates how the product is made. Which, in my view, is exactly how it should be.