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USA Today reports that brunch seems to be the new national passion, with “brunch clubs” becoming popular in many markets.

According to the story, “This hybrid meal is clearly an American passion, as many similar groups are meeting and eating their way through the weekend in restaurants and homes across the country (Google the name of your town and ‘brunch club’ to find out if anyone has already gotten the ball rolling).” In addition, the paper says, “brunching tends to be a wallet-friendly endeavor, whether eaten out or cooked at home” - it is seen as family-friendly, wallet-friendly, and not requiring the time or investment of a dinner party.
KC's View:
Smart food retailers, it seems to me, ought to be not just reaping the sales from such clubs, but also arranging them, enabling them, hosting them ... doing whatever is possible to nurture and grow the concept without being overly commercial. Again, it is about the food...