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Supervalu announced yesterday that it will replace its existing private label lines - Flavorite, Richfoods and Homelife - with a new private brand called Essential Everyday. The rollout of the new label will take until early 2013 to complete, but will eventually be available to all of the more than 2,000 independent retailers serviced by the company.

According to the announcement, “The private brand offering will include more than 2,400 products in the most important grocery and home goods categories ... Since June of 2011, Supervalu's traditional retail stores have been transitioning from their banner labels to Essential Everyday in the cereal, wholesome snacks, pasta and pasta sauce categories. Supervalu has run extensive consumer testing on the Essential Everyday name and packaging which returned very positive results. In package design research, Essential Everyday outperformed other store brands on measures of purchase interest, perceived value, premium perception and overall appeal. In addition, the change provides Supervalu with a single, recognizable brand name that will help create efficiencies in advertising and marketing the products on a national and local scale.”

Leon Bergmann, president of Supervalu's independent business, said in a prepared statement that “early results have shown that Essential Everyday is performing very well at our 1,100 Supervalu owned stores, and we believe that our independent retailers will see a positive customer response as well.”
KC's View:
Lot of maneuvering going on at Supervalu these days. Check out some more email on the company’s travails in “Your Views.” It makes a switch like this private label move look inconsequential.