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CNBC reports that Walmart is negotiating with Apple over a deal that would put Apple Stores inside some 47 Sam’s Club stores around the country, a move that would expand upon an existing relationship between the two entities. (Sam’s already sells iPhones, iPods and iPads.)

According to the story, “the rumored talks are in an early stage and other plans are being discussed, including having Sam’s simply sell a broader range of Apple products such as its Macs, without adding ‘store-within-a-store’ features such as tables and displays that are similar to those in standalone Apple Stores.”
KC's View:
Count me among the people who think that it is at least possible that Apple could over-saturate the market. Now, if they limit the Sam’s Club installations to stores without an actual Apple Store within a certain distance, then that might make sense. But they’d better have their own people staffing the Genius Bars, and they’d better make sure they deliver Apple-quality customer service.