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Craig Boyan, the CEO at HE Butt Grocery Co., has sent all of his employees the following memo:

“I was inspired by the many creative events that our stores hosted for the last Second Saturday screening in January. So inspired in fact, that I would like for all stores, Partners and H-E-B Leaders to participate in a Valentine’s Flash Mob at our next Second Saturday Screening event, Saturday, February 11th.

“On that Saturday, simultaneously at all of our H-E-B and Central Market store locations at 11am, in honor of Heart Month and the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, we’ll be hosting a flash mob in an effort to get our Partners and Customers moving. Our hope is to beat the largest US flash mob on record – Oprah’s 2009 flash mob with 21,000 participants. With over 76,000 partners and millions of customers we should have no problem beating the record, and showing everyone that everything is bigger in Texas!

“One of the best ways to fight! heart disease is by adding some exercise to your weekly routine, and this lively dance break will showcase how fun and simple fitness can be. As an added benefit, our Customers can stay and learn more about protecting and improving their heart health at the free Second Saturday screenings from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the pharmacy.

“I encourage all Partners to participate in the dance (without disturbing the business), which will last for about 4 minutes...”

Boyan went on to say that the company was communicating details about the event to customers via Facebook and Twitter, and concluded by saying, “I hope to see you all dancing on February 11th!”
KC's View:
I love things like this. Just thought I’d share it. And I expect that all those dancing feet in Texas will make the rest of the country shake tomorrow morning...