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• Canadian retailer Sobeys announced that its president/CEO, Bill McEwan, will retire from the company later this year, after a search for his successor has been completed.

According to reports, McEwan is retiring because of an ongoing health issue.

He has been president/CEO of Sobeys since November 2000.
KC's View:
ack in 2007, at a CIES Executive Summit, McEwan said the following:

“I don’t know when it’s going to happen but I think this issue of trust and confidence is going to go beyond food safety and security. It’s going to extend to corporate social responsibility and ethical sourcing and people’s notion of not just how safe is our product but how is it produced; where was it produced and what are the factors behind it. It’s like these four roads heading into a traffic circle. When we get to the traffic circle there better be some sort of organizing mechanism to process all this information of trust or the industry is going to have real big challenges.”

I’ve always remembered that, because I thought then...and think now...that he’s right.