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Advertising Age reports that “using a tool from startup LocalResponse, Walgreens finds public check-ins at its stores and sends users reply messages via Twitter. For example, when customers check in to any of the chain's 8,000 stores through mobile apps such as Foursquare or Yelp and publish ‘I'm here!’ to Twitter, Walgreens messages back: ‘Check out Halls new cough drops in the cold aisle’.”

The story continues: “Walgreens has also been testing other means to use social media to make customers aware of products. When visitors checked in to the drugstore via a Foursquare or Facebook mobile app, it donated free flu shots to charity on their behalf. For Energizer, Foursquare check-ins served up a mobile coupon for a four-pack of batteries. The Energizer effort saw better redemption rates than traditional digital coupons, said Adam Kmiec, Walgreens' director of social media.”
KC's View:
Love it.