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by Kevin Coupe

Maybe this only could happen in San Francisco, but it is a great example of finding a differential advantage by offering something unique.

San Francisco International Airport reportedly has unveiled a new Yoga Room, a dimly lighted 150-square foot room with mirrored walls, that is open to all passengers, and that bans shoes, cell phones, food and beverages. “Silence is appreciated,” says a sign on the wall.

The Yoga Room is located past security in Terminal 2.

We’ve all seen how many airports have upgraded their facilities in recent years, adding better restaurants and enough stores and services to populate a good-sized shopping mall ... but this apparently is the first yoga room ever to be installed in an airport.

But if this catches on, and becomes a value-added advantage for SFO, then it may not be the last.

Either way, it’s an Eye-Opener.
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