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In New Jersey, the Daily Record reports that Kings has unveiled a remodeled supermarket in Bedminster that includes “a wood-fired Marra Forni brick oven that pumps out gourmet pizzas in 90 seconds, a cheese section with about 400 selections and a coffee bar that could rival the nearby Starbucks.”

According to the story, “The Bedminster reopening marks the first in what executives said would be a companywide rebranding of its upscale gourmet brand with the new motto, ‘Where Inspiration Strikes’.”

“We want you to be inspired by the moments in this store where the fresh ingredients, the rarest finds and your passion for cooking all come together and create the perfect meal,” says Judy Spires, Kings’ CEO.
KC's View:
It’s been years since I’ve been in a Kings store, but I cannot help but root for the company to make a comeback. There was a time when Kings was the class of the field, when people came from all over the country to see what they were up to when it came to prepared and fresh foods. But toughening competition and, I suspect, misguided ownership led to a diminution of the brand.

I hope they make it back all the way.