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In last night’s Super Bowl, the New York Giants parlayed an exciting, late fourth quarter drive into a 21-17 defeat of the New England Patriots.
KC's View:
Great game. Exciting from beginning to end. And as a native New Yorker and a high school classmate of Giants owner John Mara (to be clear I have not seen him since graduation in June 1972), I was thrilled to see the Giants win.

As for other Super Bowl-related stuff, some brief and random notes...

• Hated the Madonna halftime show. Hated it. (And this does not seem to be generational. I did a fast poll of two twentysomethings during the game, and they hated her, too - they thought she was too “older generation.” On the other hand, one of them loved the Black Eyed Peas last year, and the other one hated them. And one of them - my son, obviously a young man of discerning taste - said he would have preferred Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones or Bruce Springsteen. Go figure.)

• The commercial for “The Voice” proved one thing definitively. Betty White makes everything better. Everything.

• The Clint Eastwood commercial was an interesting litmus test. Obama supporters I talked to seemed to think it could have been a commercial for his re-election campaign, and Republicans said they thought it was essentially an argument for why the US needs a new quarterback.

• Loved the Chevy Armageddon commercial. And the Doritos commercial about the dog that killed the cat. And the Fiat commercial with that hot Italian supermodel. And the Seinfeld Acura commercial. And the Dannon yogurt commercial with John Stamos.