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• The Los Angeles Times reports that coming on the heels of its decision to eliminate greeters from its late night shifts as a way of saving money, Walmart now has said that its greeters will be moved from its store lobbies and brought into the stores “so they can more actively help with customer service.”

The story notes that “greeters have been around at the discount giant since 1980,” and that over the years the company “has expanded the duties of greeters over the years to include tagging return items and wiping down shopping carts.

“Now these employees will once again concentrate solely on helping customers. By standing near the checkout lanes inside the stores, greeters will be able to welcome shoppers, give directions and answer questions...”

Bloomberg reports that there is speculation in France that Walmart may be interested in acquiring any Carrefour stores that the French company may want to sell. Carrefour, the world’s second-largest retailer, has been facing tough sales numbers in its home market, has been shopping for a new CEO, and is said to be interested in paring down the size of its French fleet. At the same time, Walmart is said to be actively seeking new European markets where it can acquire or open stores.
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