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The Travel Channel is out with a new survey suggesting that “a good number of Americans are willing to embrace the weird, at least when it comes to grub. When asked what they would serve at a Super Bowl party, one-third of respondents would serve muskrat chili and one-fifth would put a pig ear sandwich on the menu. Seventeen percent of hosts thought that possum fajitas sounded good for the game and 6% would serve lamb brains ... When asked to choose between a range of bizarre foods, smoked raccoon appealed to 39% of survey takers while 18% agreed to dine on guinea pig. Only one in 20 would have duck testicles or cow placenta.”

The survey was done as a way to promote the channel’s premiere of "Bizarre Foods America" on January 23 at 10:00pm.
KC's View:
I like to think of myself as having fairly liberal food tastes, and I’ll try almost anything. There is nothing mentioned in this story that I’d be unwilling to taste (though I suspect that a pig ear sandwich might push the envelope in terms of acceptability).

But I’d really like to know where they conducted this survey.