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Oakville Grocery Company’s flagship store -  originally opened in 1881 and said to be the oldest continually operating grocery store in California - announced that it “will temporarily close its doors from January2nd, to Mid-March of 2012, for a necessary structural renovation. This much needed restoration will preserve the charm and ambiance of the historic property, while also ensuring that the store will be able to serve the community for decades to come.”

According to Guy Byrne, construction manager for the project, “The store was built without a foundation. In order to preserve the original building there must be a foundation added and reinforcement of all of its walls.” Moving the post office to another building on the property - part of the approved permitting for the renovations and additions, -  will provide a more comfortable customer flow and will also make the store ADA compliant. An update to the electrical system will make the property more energy efficient, and there will be more room created for prepared and packaged product. There will also be two small buildings added for storage and back of house operations; and two additional public restrooms.”
The company says that “other improvements to the store will include updated food and beverage equipment, energy saving refrigeration, and an increase in fresh food selection. Customers can expect to see many more Oakville Grocery private label products from Napa and Sonoma, as well as a major increase in baked goods. Oakville Grocery Company exclusively carries products from the state of California, with an emphasis on Napa and Sonoma counties.”
KC's View:
I look forward to seeing what they do with the old place. The Oakville Grocery Co. is a must-see for anyone venturing into Northern California ... redolent of earlier days, and suffused with smells and views that are designed to make you hungry. (Though to be fair, there isn’t much that does not make me hungry.)