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CNN reports that “radioactive cesium has been found in baby formula in Japan following the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, the manufacturer of the product has said.”

The company said that the cesium levels were below the allowable legal limit and would not be harmful to babies’ health. However, it also said that it “would nonetheless offer free replacements of 400,000 cans of the product ‘to relieve the anxieties of our customers’.”

Reports say that the baby formula is not exported to the US.
KC's View:
I have no idea how Japanese customers will react, but I’m not sure I would find a free replacement to be soothing, nor the assurance that the level is below the allowable legal limit.

Speaking as a father, I’d like to say that I hope the formula we gave our kids was cesium-free.

I also think that I’d be checking formula cans to make sure - no matter what the brand - that they do not say “made in Japan.”