business news in context, analysis with attitude reports on a new study done by the Chronicle of Philanthropy on the nation’s most charitable companies.

According to the site, “To get down to the best of the best, MainStreet looks first at the five most generous corporations – those that gave more than 5% of their 2009 profits to charity in 2010. We then round up the five biggest donors – those corporations that gave the absolute most money to philanthropic causes last year.”

The most generous corporation in the country was Kroger, which gave 10.9 percent of its 2009 profits to charity, or $64 million.

Second was Macy’s (8.1 percent, $41.2 million), followed by Safeway (7.5 percent, $76.5 million), Dow Chemical (7.3 percent, $34.2 million), and Morgan Stanley (5.7 percent, $55.6 million).

Rated just in terms of dollars, Walmart gave the most money to charity ($319.5 million), followed by Goldman Sachs ($315.4 million), Wells Fargo ($219.1 million), Bank of America ($207.9 million), and Exxon Mobil ($198.7 million).
KC's View:
It certainly is possible to be cynical about some of these donations, especially those by oil companies and banks. But charity is charity, and all of these companies deserve considerable credit for their donations.