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Reuters reports that Delhaize Group says that “the encouraging results of Bottom Dollar Food in the Philadelphia market support plans for expansion in additional markets that present the same growth profile. This will include hundreds of new Bottom Dollar Food stores over the next five years.

“The Group expects to open approximately 450 stores in its high growth newer operations in the three year period 2012-2014 which represents a significant step up from the past years. As a result of this important step up in store openings and the encouraging results in the rest of our network, Delhaize Group expects to generate revenue growth of 5 to 7% annually within three years.”
KC's View:
I’ve always believed that the multitude of formats operated by Delhaize here in the US would ultimately be its greatest advantage; it has allowed the company to shift its focus to the low-cost Bottom Dollar concept, which in the current environment is getting the kind of attention that the more upscale Bloom concept was getting a few years ago. The ability to be nimble is extremely important - and I’m happy to see it working for company leaders like Ron Hodge and Cathy Green Burns, who are two of the nicest people in the industry.