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The New York Times reports that Barnes & Noble is hoping to catch Fire, introducing a $249 color device called the Nook Tablet that is designed to compete with both the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and the iPad.

According to the story, “The new tablet, which is lighter and faster than other Nook devices, offers access to popular apps including Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora.” Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch said that “the Kindle Fire, and they do a lot of things well, is a vending machine for Amazon services. We’re going to partner with the world’s most popular music services. We’re going to let the consumers choose.”

The story also notes that the new Nook will “have no ads that interrupt the reading experience.”
KC's View:
I have to say that I admire what Barnes & Noble is doing - which chiefly seem to be trying not to make the same mistakes that Borders did.