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The Nielsen Co. is out with a new survey saying that “92 percent of US internet consumers believe the country is still in a recession. Another almost two thirds (61%) reported doubt the economy will be out of the recession within a year.

When asked ‘how will you spend spare cash?’ one third of respondents (32%) said that they have no spare cash. Of those with spare money, 31 percent reported plans to stash it away in savings and another 28 percent said they will pay down debt.

However, there also is evidence in the report that the top earners are doing better: “Nielsen analysis indicates that affluent households ($100,000+ annual income) have exited the recession and are shopping and spending.”

“The bifurcation of U.S. shopping habits shows up in performance among retailers who appeal to more affluent shoppers, such as high-end department stores, specialty and warehouse club chains,” says Todd Hale, Nielsen’s SVP, consumer and shopper insights. “And value retailers like dollar stores, who attract affluent shoppers also, continue to post higher same-store-sales results than their peers.”
KC's View:
Being in a recession and acting like we’re in a recession are pretty much the same thing. The only difference is that you don’t need economists to certify the latter ... just consumers and citizens, who are fed up, worried and increasingly dispirited.