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In the MLB World Series, the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers are tied at two games apiece in the best-of-seven series, as the Cardinals won 16-7 on Saturday night and the Rangers won last night 4-0.

In Week Seven of National Football League action...

Washington 20
Carolina 33

Seattle 3
Cleveland 6

Atlanta 23
Detroit 16

Denver 18
Miami 15

San Diego 21
NY Jets 27

Chicago 24
Tampa Bay 18

Houston 41
Tennessee 7

Pittsburgh 32
Arizona 20

Kansas City 28
Oakland 0

St. Louis 7
Dallas 34

Green Bay 33
Minnesota 27

Indianapolis 7
New Orleans 62 (no, this is not a typo)
KC's View:
It was also good to see that negotiations concluded and that Theo Epstein finally has been hired as the Chicago Cubs’ new general manager.

Congratulations. Now, go help make history.