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• The Durango Herald reports that the Durango Natural Foods Co-op has decided to begin labeling all products “that are free of genetically engineered ingredients.” As the story notes, “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not require the labeling or tracking of such foods, so natural grocers and nonprofits across the country have decided to take up the cause themselves.”

• The Associated Press reports that some supermarkets have decided not to stock the new Ben & Jerry’s limited edition ice cream - Schweddy Balls, which is a reference to an old Alec Baldwin skit on “Saturday Night Live.”

Only about a third of US supermarkets that carry Ben & Jerry’s ice cream are carrying the product, the story says, though none of them are saying whether they are bowing to pressure from the One Million Moms group that has been threatening boycotts.

Ben & Jerry’s says that Schweddy Balls is the most popular limited edition ice cream it has ever produced.
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