business news in context, analysis with attitude reports that while has not yet confirmed it, the company plans to expand its “Amazon Locker” test to New York City, having already begun testing the concept in Seattle and London.

The lockers go into a central location - in Seattle, for example, it is a 7-Eleven - and allow shoppers to have products delivered there if they are not home during the day. When placing the order, they are given a code number, which they can then enter into a kiosk keyboard at the locker location. The locker opens, they can collect their goods, and the locker is then available to be stocked with someone else’s merchandise.
KC's View:
Amazon is going to continue testing these sorts of “last mile” ideas, as it looks to find different ways to connect with the shopper. I’m not crazy about the Seattle test location - it is hard to imagine that delivering would be all that tough in that neighborhood of the city - but putting it into a crowded NYC neighborhood seems like a very good idea.