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The New York Times this morning reports that two of Walmart’s top executives in China have resigned, “just a week after the government of the largest city in western China ordered the closing of all 13 Wal-Mart stores there for 15 days as punishment for a series of food handling and mislabeling violations.”

Ed Chan, president/CEO of Walmart China, and Clara Wong, senior vice president for personnel for Wal-Mart China, both are said to have stepped down “for personal reasons.” The company said that the timing of their resignations was a coincidence and had nothing to do with the food labeling scandal. Walmart stressed that it is cooperating with the investigation being conducted by the government.

According to the story, “Scott Price, the chief and president of Wal-Mart Asia, will temporarily assume Mr. Chan’s duties in addition to his own, while the company will name a replacement for Ms. Wong in coming days.”
KC's View:
Maybe, as Walmart says, the departures are coincidental.

But you probably could hold a meeting of all the people who believe that right now in a phone booth. (Those of you unfamiliar with what a phone booth is should go to Google and find out.)