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IHL Group is out with a new research study suggesting that “tablets and smartphones are redefining the retail shopping experience and will be a $5 billion market per year by 2015.”

“By 2015, over 2.7 million tablets a year will be shipped for use in North American retail and hospitality, an increase of 450 percent,” the study says. “Specialty retailers will deploy nearly half of all tablets shipped to retail.”

“The advent of mobile devices is a Gutenberg moment that is revolutionizing many aspects of the shopping experience," said Greg Buzek, president, IHL Group. "A complete transformation of the customer experience will occur at clothing and department stores over the next three years. Store personnel will be able to greet shoppers with their device, access purchase history, help customers accessorize, and even walk around as a personal shopper and check out the consumer — all from the same device.”
KC's View:
This technology is going to change everything. For sellers. For buyers. And companies that do not deal with this new reality and evolving expectations are going to be left behind.