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The pace of global business is more feverish than ever before. Innovation, branding, design and execution are no longer enough; in addition, successful firms must gather knowledge and personal connections from a variety of places.

Industry leaders and experts from a myriad of fields will convene on October 20 at Portland State University’s annual Food Industry Leadership Center’s Executive Forum and share knowledge critical to operating a 21st century business ...and you are invited to share in this cross-pollination of ideas.

Among the speakers:

• Jeff Hansberry, President, Global Consumer Products, Starbucks, who is leading the company’s consumer products business with the introduction of new brands and products to more markets around the world.

• Lisa Sedlar, President of New Seasons Market, who will talk about her company’s unique combination of creative energy, sustainability and high quality food.


• Tom Furphy - formerly of Wegmans and (where he developed the CPG business) and now the founder and CEO of Seattle-based Consumer Equity Partners, and MNB’s Kevin Coupe will engage in a provocative dialogue about where the food industry is heading, what can be learned from e-grocery successes, how to compete in the new environment, and how to understand the new consumer.

For information and to register, click here.
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