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Marketing Daily reports that more companies than ever “are making social-good and cause-marketing efforts central to their core brand identity and consumer marketing” and that “consumers now expect greater accountability from nonprofits and brands involved in cause marketing. Consumers now want to know where the money is going and the impact it has. More transparency will mean a greater focus on effecting real change.”

The story says that a trend report from JWTIntelligence and EthosJWT says that these companies are “integrating social issues into their core strategies. The idea is to create ‘shared value,’ meaning that generating a profit and achieving social progress are not mutually exclusive goals.”

Tony Pigott, global director of EthosJWT and president and CEO of JWT Canada, says, “By reconsidering products and target demographics, forging partnerships with local groups and improving productivity in the value chain, companies can become a force for positive change while enhancing their long-term competitiveness.”
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