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Reuters reports that LivingSocial, which counts as one of its major investors, will today offer a national “daily deal” in conjunction with Whole Foods Market - offering $20 worth of product at any Whole Foods store for $10.

There is a cap of one million vouchers.

LivingSocial is a Groupon competitor. Reuters notes that both “daily deal” sites “have run grocery deals before, but those offers have been focused on small areas or niche outlets like gourmet butcher shops and bakeries.”
KC's View:
There also is a suggestion in the story that in a move to build national market share, LivingSocial may be helping to subsidize the deal, sine even Whole Foods - sometimes referred to as “Whole Paycheck” - may not have margins large enough to absorb a half-price sale.

Either way, this is fascinating ... and I’ll be anxious to see how fast they reach that one million voucher number. As I write this, it is 8 am EDT, and the offer hit my email an hour ago ... and more than 100,000 vouchers already have been purchased.