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The Lakeland Ledger reports that the Coalition of Immokalee Workers was unsuccessful in its most recent effort to get Publix Super Markets to join its Campaign for Fair Food, which gets businesses to agree to pay a penny more per pound of food, money said to go to the improve farmworkers’ financial state. According to the story, nine major retailers have agreed “to purchase from Florida farms that follow a new code of conduct this upcoming season, which mandates access to shade, water and a right to report abuse without fearing retaliation.”

Yesterday, some 25 members of the Coalition completed a 200-mile bicycle ride at Publix headquarters, where they said they were hoping to meet with Publix CEO Ed Crenshaw. However, a Publix representative said that they best he could do was pass the groups’ demands on to Crenshaw.

The Ledger writes, “Shannon Patten, a Publix spokeswoman, said Crenshaw wouldn't meet with the group. ‘This doesn't have anything to do with Ed personally,’ Patten said. ‘This is a labor dispute, and they are asking us to get involved in something we are not a part of.’ Patten said Publix has maintained its position on this issue for years.”
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