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The Los Angeles Times reports that “since July 1, large supermarkets and pharmacies in unincorporated parts of Los Angeles County have been required to charge 10 cents each for paper bags and have been banned from using plastic grocery bags. Similar bans are in effect or pending in several cities across Southern California.

“The county ordinance was designed to encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable bags and cut down on waste. Some customers have been using odd contrivances to lug out their purchases - including baskets, cardboard boxes, old paper and plastic bags, backpacks and even their hands.”

The story suggests that while some customers already have gotten used to the ordinance and have begun bringing their own bags with them when they shop, others remain resistant - and in some cases are actually traveling farther to go to stores in areas not affected by the legislation. But the sense seems to be that this is a trend that is picking up steam, as more and more communities - at least in California - adopt the approach and try to get rid of single-use bags.
KC's View:
Listen, I know this is going to take getting used to. On all sides. But this is good for stores’ bottom lines if they don;t have to supply free single-use bags, and ultimately it is good for the environment if we don;t have these things going into garbage cans and landfills.

It’ll take an effort on all sides. But I cannot help but feel it’ll be worth the effort.