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• The Huffington Post reports that as Walmart tries to persuade New Yorkers that they ought to allow it to open a store there, it is taking a new approach - sending out a mailer that emphasizes the retailer’s approach to sustainability and local sourcing, rather than job creation and cheap products.

HuffPo says that skeptics say the mailer is “a bald attempt to appeal to BoBo brownstone denizens in Park Slope and TriBeCa, who are more likely to be choosing between Whole Foods and the Greenmarket than between ShopRite and Walmart.”
KC's View:
If you’re trying to win a game, you play every card that will help you do so.

I find it more amusing that the Huffington Post seems to find a “bald attempt” at self-promotion to be somehow offensive ... since HuffPo has been built on self-promotion. (And I mean that in an admiring way. I wish I were as good at promoting MNB and our book. Just this week, HuffPo launched a new website for women, and did so with a exploitive story looking at college girls who turn to prostitution to pay off their tuition bills. It was a fascinating story - I read it - but let’s not pretend that it was anything other than what it was ... an exploitive story designed to raise the new site’s visibility and build traffic.)