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Okay, so the space shuttle program has been shut down. But that doesn’t mean that new and important scientific frontiers are not being pursued.

The Boston Globe reports this morning that a Cambridge, Massachusetts, research company called DuraFizz is leaving no stone unturned as it tries to develop a crispy french fry that can be made without using a deep fryer, something described as “one of the Holy Grails of food science.”

According to the story, “It’s tough to bake potatoes and achieve anything like a proper french fry texture ... And once you dunk a potato in hot oil, it gets fattening fast.

“What DuraFizz has been developing is a healthy fry that’s super-crispy but baked in an oven. The customers they have in mind aren’t just restaurant chains and frozen food producers, but also schools and military installations. The coating they have developed, called Oh So Crisp, uses starches and flours from corn, rice, and potatoes, which form a layer around the potato.
KC's View:
Boldly going where no spud has gone before. Gives you faith in American exceptionalism, doesn’t it?