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The Indianapolis Star reports that “an increasing number of retailers are offering to send receipts by email, touting it as a convenient, environmentally friendly alternative to paper receipts. Gone, they say, are the days of digging through your purse looking for that crumpled slip of paper.”

The trend is “part of a growing effort by retailers to electronically reach out to consumers via their smartphones and computers. They send emails and text messages alerting consumers to deals. They have websites and Facebook pages and smartphone apps -- all aimed at making the store more than just a bricks-and-mortar shop.

“Typically, emailed receipts will contain offers for consumers to receive coupons and other deals from retailers in the near future.”

Some suggest that it is a subtle way for retailers to find ways to invade shoppers’ personal lives, and some customers are “still loath to give stores their email addresses.”
KC's View:
The great thing about paperless coupons is that people have a choice - they can yes or no when the checkout person gives them the option. And you’d think that paperless coupons would give people additional ways to track their purchases, identify and quantify their own patterns, and even develop future shopping lists.

I’ve always thought that paperless receipts are one of the best things that the Apple Store does. I’d be thrilled if everybody would offer me this option.