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As has become a tradition at this time of year, I’m taking the week adjacent to the Fourth of July off…it is the beginning of the summer, the news cycle tends to be a little slow, and at this point in the year I can use the break.

Not sure exactly what I’m going to be doing, but I suspect there will be beer and wine involved, not to mention plenty of seafood, maybe some crawfish beignets (if I get lucky), a trip to NYC to the theater at some point, a few movies, some reading (I’m about halfway through the Jack Reacher series) and certainly some long bike rides.

I’ll be back on Monday, July 11. Have a great weekend…a great week…and I’ll see you soon.

Fins Up!

Livin' for the weekend,
Jumpin' off the deep end,
With just enough money to buy
A license to chill
And I believe I will…

Photo by Ali Coupe
KC's View: