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The Associated Press reports on the big hit at this year’s San Diego County Fair - deep fried Kool-Aid, made by a concession owner named “Chicken Charlie” Boghosian, who specializes in finding new things to fry.

This year it is Kool-Aid: “He uses flour, water and Kool-Aid powder to make a batter that scoops into little balls that he then plops into hot oil. Boghosian says he can't go into more specifics because he has plans to come out with a cookbook that will explain it all.

“He said he has fried up about 500 pounds of Kool-Aid powder so far.”

Among the other concoctions developed by Boghosian: “Deep-fried offerings such as Klondike bars, Girl Scout cookies, Twinkies, avocados and the ultimate cholesterol-builder: A Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich. Yes, it's two deep-fried doughnuts with a chicken breast squashed between them ... Boghosian, who weighs about 300 pounds, said he has sold 100,000 fried Klondike bars last year and 2 million fried Oreo cookies over the past decade. But the $5.95 fried Kool-Aid is quickly becoming his top seller.”
KC's View:
I think I’m going to be sick. Just reading this makes my stomach churn.