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The New York Times yesterday had an interview with John W. Rowe, chairman/CEO of Exelon Corp., who made a couple of interesting observations about leadership...

Action is everything... One (key lesson) is how important action is - to always be looking for something to do that moves the ball. Don’t sit still. My aphorism for it is, better a moving turkey than a sitting duck. If you’re just standing still, whatever you’re doing is going to get shot apart. I also learned that you have to act on the best information you have, and to not wait for the nonexistent perfect level of information.”

On what he looks for in job interviews... “I’d probably ask them if they’d seen the old Gregory Peck movie of Moby-Dick where the Quaker sea captain says to Ishmael, ‘Are you man enough to pitch a harpoon down a live whale’s throat and jump after it?’

“That’s probably what I’d ask. And Ishmael of course gives the perfect answer. He says, ‘Well, I am, sir, if it be absolutely indispensable that I do so.’”

Rowe adds, “I want people who take responsibility seriously. Responsibility’s a very big word to me. I know too many people who think that smooth is a substitute for deep, and just don’t see their work as responsibility. And I like people who don’t feel good if they haven’t done a job well.”
KC's View:
I love that...Too many people think that smooth is a substitute for deep.