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Got the following email from an MNB user:

Have always enjoyed MNB even when I disagree with you or believe you are off target. I am a big fan and I respect your views and the thought you give to them.

I have also always enjoyed the “Your Views” section to see what the reaction is to some of your reporting or your comments. Lately though, I find the “Your Views” section to be my least favorite part of MNB as it reflects the same mix of extreme views on either side of the issues that are bringing our country down. Oh how I miss rational discussion and group problem solving for the good of the whole group.

I know the responses aren’t yours and I respect that you print extreme views from both sides, it is not you I have an issue with, but that section reminds me of the old CNN show Crossfire which did nothing except promote standing on the extreme sidelines lobbing  bombs at each other and talking over each other. Not a very productive practice in my mind.

This is a hard one, and I certainly can appreciate what you are saying.

You’re right that sometimes the discourse reflects the ideological chasms that exist in the country at large. Maybe that’s inevitable, but I do my best to keep things on the high road.

Quite frankly, you should see some of the stuff that doesn’t get posted - especially the borderline racist stuff that gets sent to me about the President. Sometimes I’m shocked by what some people say. Though less so lately.

I really admired what John Huntsman said yesterday about his presidential candidacy - that both he and Barack Obama want to talk to the nation about who would be the better president, not who is the better American. Unfortunately, in so many areas, the discourse falls short of that level.

My goal here on MNB will try to keep things civil and illuminating, to shed more light than heat ... though that isn’t always possible. To be honest, sometimes I think the best way to illuminate people about the lunatic fringe - on either side of the aisle - is to highlight the lunacy and let them speak.)

I appreciate the caution, and I will keep it in mind.
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