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by Kevin Coupe

It’s humid and sticky out there this morning, so it seems like a good day to open your eyes to a new product being sold in Boston, one that has nothing to do with the rampaging Red Sox or the championship Bruins.

The Boston Globe reports that ice cream parlor chain Emack & Bolio’s has come up with a new creation called an ice cream pizza.

According to the story, “Emack & Bolio’s isn’t using pizza ingredients such as red sauce and cheese. Instead, it views the pizza as inspiration for a dessert delivery platform that can be repurposed to serve as the packaging of a new type of ice cream sundae -- a sundae billed as a ‘hybrid of guilty pleasures’ ... the foundation of its menu offering is a brownie crust, and featured ingredients include vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and marshmallows. Then this melange is sublimed with a chocolate peace sign, chocolate raspberry “bleeding” hearts, and celestial stars and moon, the chain said.”

The cost is $24.95.

The reason for its mention here - great ideas that make you hungry are almost always Eye-Opening.

And even sales-building.
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