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• The Los Angeles Times reports that fast feeder Jack in the Box has stopped offering free toys with kids’ meals, and at the same time has begun offering “apple bits with caramel”as an option in children’s meals.

According to the story, the moves have been lauded by nutrition advocates, who have been “pressuring fast food companies to stop giving out toys to children, saying the practice makes it too tempting for kids to want to eat fast food and contributes to the epidemic of childhood obesity.” In fact, California's San Francisco and Santa Clara counties have each “enacted so-called Happy Meal bans, which prohibit restaurants from offering toys to children with meals that are high in calories, sugar, salt and fat.”

• The Detroit Free Press reports that “Borders Group hopes to name a bidder by July 1 and sell itself by the end of that month, according to bankruptcy court filings ... The Ann Arbor-based bookseller, which filed for bankruptcy protection in February, said in papers filed Friday that it plans to name a ‘stalking horse’ bidder by July 1. A ‘stalking horse’ is an initial bidder for a company in a bankruptcy auction. A higher bidder may materialize.”
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