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• The Business Review reports on speculation that either Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods may be interested in opening stores in the Albany, New York, market. Neither retailer commented on the report, but the real estate developer said to be negotiating a lease said that “it’s not unreasonable” to think that one of the two retailers could be involved.

Advertising Age reports on the current trend among fast feeders: “In an effort to compete with No. 3 U.S. chain Starbucks, hamburger chains like McDonald's and Burger King are gradually rolling out revamped stores, complete with flat-panel TVs, comfortable seating and sleeker interior design-and even Subway is testing out a cafe concept.”

• The Wall Street Journal reports that “the Food and Drug Administration warned Kellogg Co. about bacteria and substandard production procedures at a food manufacturing plant in Augusta, Ga., a setback for the food company that has tried to mend a supply chain that has faced several major recalls recently ... the FDA said it found listeria in the facility, including on ‘food contact’ surfaces. While the FDA warned that items like cookies may not support the growth of listeria, the FDA cautioned that the lack of sanitation may allow for food to become ‘contaminated with filth’ ... In response to the FDA's concerns, Kellogg said it is taking a number of ‘aggressive actions,’ including cleaning the facility and testing the food.”
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