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• Safeway has launched its month-long Prostate Cancer Campaign, a fundraising and awareness campaign, continuing a tradition of raising millions of dollars to find a cure for the most common form of cancer in men. In the years since Safeway got involved with the Prostate Cancer Campaign, it has dedicated each June for fundraising at each of its banners, and to date has raised more than $65 million for the cause.

• The Democrat and Chronicle reports that Wegmans has decided to shut down its store on Britton Road, in Greece, New York, saying that the area is over-stored and cannot support as much food retail space as is there.

According to the story, “The store’s 348 employees, 270 of whom are part time, will be offered positions at other area Wegmans. Most displaced employees will likely be transferred to other Greece locations, especially the Mt. Read Boulevard store, which is about a mile from the Britton Road store.

“The Britton Road store opened in 1983.”
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