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• Campbell Soup said this week that it is launching an energy drink version of its popular V8 juice - 8 V-Fusion + Energy and V8 Energy Shots - that will combine its vegetable juice with caffeine, vitamins and green tea.

The product already is on the shelves at Walmart, and is scheduled for a national roll-out.

• The Chicago Sun Times reports that “to help grownups justify indulging in a chocolate bar or a handful of jellybeans, candy companies are flaunting the health benefits of their products.”

The story notes that “at the Sweets and Snacks Expo last week in Chicago, many products crowed that they contained antioxidants. Pomegranate and other fruit flavors big on health benefits have become a popular addition to many candies. Darrell Lea, a confectionery company out of Australia, came to the expo flaunting their newest flavor of licorice: blueberry pomegranate. And chocolate manufacturers, while still marketing their dark chocolate for its health benefits, have also moved on to chocolate flavors infused with sea salt. Jeff Asher, owner of Asher’s chocolates, said that their new sea salt products and their sugar-free products are big sellers.”
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