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The Miami Herald reports that the Burger King fast food chain “is getting a dramatic makeover. A new look is in store for advertising, the menu and even the restaurants themselves. Changes are slowly showing up at select locations, although the dramatic chain-wide makeover will take time.

“Though the company’s signature Whopper sandwich will remain the mainstay, the new menu will add healthier options, including Asian chicken salad and mango smoothies. The circa 1970s earth-tone decor will be replaced with a contemporary red-and-black color scheme.

“It’s all a bid to bring customers back to the world’s second-largest burger chain, which has watched its U.S. sales, profits and market share slide in recent years.”
KC's View:
Not sure the decor changes will change my attitude, which is that I’d rather eat seasoned cardboard.

(Yes, I know. I’m a food snob.)