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by Kevin Coupe

Yahoo! News had an interesting story yesterday about a new poll saying that 35 percent of Americans, when they wake up in the morning, grab their smart phones and check their email, Facebook and Twitter before rolling out of bed - suggesting that getting in touch with what’s happening takes precedence over a shower or that first cup of coffee.

The story says that “the beefy figure points to just how much social media and constant web-based connections are influencing our daily lives. ‘Consumers become attached to a certain set of apps that makes them feel more in control of their lives, and turns everyday chores into positive experiences,’ notes lead researcher Michael Björn.”

Now, I’d like to see the demographic breakout of that 35 percent; for example, I’m guessing that middle-aged men, for example, may take care of certain personal ministrations before checking their smart phones. But the point is a good one - increasingly, thought leaders are looking for relevant and compelling content that will help them better live their lives.

That’s a good lesson for marketers - not that they need to be in consumers’ faces constantly (because that would be counter-productive), but that they need to be figuring out ways to be interesting, credible and germane to people’s everyday lives. In the broadest sense, this is what Michael Sansolo is talking about in his column - the importance of building a company that is relevant to how people live their lives, every day.

I can appreciate the challenge. It is sort of my goal each day when I write MNB - to give you something provocative, illuminating and entertaining, with a perspective you are not getting elsewhere.

It’s a challenge. And an Eye-Opener.
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